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Aloha! I’m Joy and I have this crazy vision for a world where everyone can access their own inner peace AND outer strength. Imagine sovereignty AND unity. That could be a thing. The hack is a full-spectrum yoga practice – both on and off the mat. Sound awesome? Want it? Let’s get it!

Peace is within reach for us all. I believe we can use the technology of our bodies as a channel to receive the Divine.

Joyanne Howell

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Get your team moving, in flow, and feeling great. A midday reboot or wind down after work. Customized packages are available.

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“I had an incredible experience during our session. Being able to move with yoga has been speaking to me more. Thank you.”

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Yoga Nidra – aka yogic sleep is a beautiful state of rest where the mind can unwind and be guided into gentle relaxation. It is a deeply healing and restorative practice. This 14-minute guided meditation is intended to help you release and relax. Tune in to feel a sense of ease and reconnect to the universal life force that flows through all things.

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I'd love to support you on your journey into yoga. If you'd like more info on corporate, online or private yoga classes, send me a note I'll be in touch. I'm here for you! Let's get started.

Namaste 🙏