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My Yoga


I’ve been called to yoga for as long as I can remember. My journey started 18 years ago when I came to learn about the Chakras at a workshop given by my first teacher, Caroline Shola Arewa. That led me to explore Aunsara yoga, meditation techniques and to delve into ancient texts. I practiced at studios, attended workshops and tried my own home practice. Fast-forward to today, I’ve completed my first 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training and am more excited than ever to keep learning.

What started out as an occasional exploration of yoga postures has today become a commitment to live an embodied life of yogic practice – both on and off the mat. Click here to read more of my yoga story. Then, get in touch and let’s yoga together!


Yoga 101

Part workout. Part workshop. All fun!

Are you a little curious about yoga? Have you thought about trying it but don’t know your Down Dog from your Savasana? Yoga 101 is just what you need to discover more about yoga and build a solid foundation for your practice. This fun 60 minute class will get you moving and introduce you to the basic principles of hatha yoga. Great for groups or as a private training session.


  • Lite Intro to Yoga Philosophy
  • Top 12 yoga poses & their Sanskrit names
  • Slick tricks for aligning your body just right
  • Pro tips for Pranayama practice
  • What’s a Savasana and why you need it


These classes can be run in a few ways:
⇒ as a lunch n’ learn at a corporate office
⇒ with a small group of kids (max 10)
⇒ as a private 1-on-1 session
⇒ as an intro class for yoga studio newbies

Flexible GTA locations with no equipment needed. Click below to learn more and to book.



The true

of Yoga is

Finding Balance

The word Yoga means “Union”. Bringing mind body and spirit into alignment is the goal of yogic practice.


Yoga practice helps cultivate focused awareness, attention and intention. Minfulness helps create clarity and ease.

Music & Mantra

The vibrations of sound are powerfully influential and healing to the body and mind. Make a joyful noise! OM. Shanti.


Salute the sun. Flow with grace. Asana practice helps you connect with your body, build strength and find stillness. Jai!


A Commitment to intentionally quieting the mind and inviting calm into your daily life. Practice makes peacefulness.

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Nourish Yourself

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Mood Music

Ready to get your yoga groove on? Whether you want to chill out and meditate or you need some inspired tunes to get you moving, the right vibe is right here. ▶️ No Spotify? No sweat – click to preview the playlist, then find the tracks anywhere else you like!

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You’re Invited

I’d love to support you on your journey into yoga. If you’d like more info on getting started with yoga, private training or Yoga 101 Classes, just send me a note and let’s talk. I’m here for you! Get in touch! 

Namaste 🙏

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