My Yoga Journey

Oct 3, 2021 | Stories

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Music and movement have always been a part of my life. My earliest memories are of listening to records and singing and dancing with my sister. From childhood cartwheels to swimming lessons, then sports training and dance classes – I moved a lot as a child. Then schooling took over. Sitting to study and write. Cutting back on “activities” to get the best grades I could. By the time I got to university, I knew I was in the “big leagues” and needed to be “serious” about my studies to make the investment worthwhile.

Still, something inside me knew that movement was important. I would feel slightly envious seeing others committing to their workouts or practicing yoga. Yet being regularly active faded from my life as I poured all my energy into academic success.

Several years later, studying was done and I had no “good excuses” anymore. I finally listened to the call in my heart to practice yoga. When an opportunity to learn magically (and literally) landed in my lap, I dove in.  My practice was sporadic and inconsistent but I always loved how yoga made me feel. There was something about being on the mat that just felt like home to me.

I credit my yoga practice for readying my body for pregnancy. Even while carrying my baby, I kept up my practice as often as I could. When it was time to deliver I had a doula who specialized in pre-natal yoga to guide me through the birthing process. She was wonderful! Yoga has truly been a magical force in my life.


Fast forward to today and I’m more excited about yoga than ever before. Though I’ve fallen off the wagon many many times, yoga keeps calling to me and encouraging me to return. In November of 2019, I chose to put some activation into my lifelong dream and pursued my Yoga Teacher Training certification. I cared about learning the authentic roots of yoga and opted to study in Bali with teachers from India and Indonesia. It was nothing short of life-changing! I’m thrilled to now be able to teach what I’ve learned and to continue deepening my own knowledge in yogic practice. The training ignited my passion for supporting new yogis who are just starting out on their own yoga journey.   I’m also excited to work with kids and help them build a solid foundation for yoga practice in all its many forms.

Have you ever been curious about yoga? Or have you dismissed it as “not for you”? Either way, I’d love for you to explore what yoga is all about. Yogic practice supports you in coming down out of your mind and moving deeply into your body so that you can feel, hear and know the truth in your heart. If you’re open and ready to give it a try, get in touch with me below and let’s see how we can get you started in your own practice.

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